Baku and Tbilisi discussed issue of investment in the reconstruction of Georgia's highways

Baku and Tbilisi discussed issue …

Baku and Tbilisi discu...

Pentagon chief left Georgia

Pentagon chief left Georgia

Deputy Defense Ministe...

Georgian parliament begins debate of the draft bill "On the State Language"

Georgian parliament begins debate…

Parliament begins deba...

"Dnepravia" suspends flights from Kharkiv to Tbilisi and Batumi

"Dnepravia" suspends fl…

Airline "Dniproavia" f...

Georgian Orthodox Church celebrates the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Mariamoba

Georgian Orthodox Church celebrat…

Georgian Orthodox Chur...

The Georgian Foreign Ministry published a list of countries with which it will support the visa-free message

The Georgian Foreign Ministry pub…

The Georgian Foreign M...

Visa to Georgia will cost $ 50

Visa to Georgia will cost $ 50

From September 1, 2014...

Georgia does not acknowledge presidential elections in Abkhazia

Georgia does not acknowledge pres…

The Georgian Foreign M...

In Baku is discussed the construction of the railway Marabda-Kartsakhi

In Baku is discussed the construc…

The 20th meeting of th...

Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia will hold joint military exercises

Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia wi…

Azerbaijan, Turkey and...

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Unique archaeological finds are discovered in Mtskheta

Unique archaeological finds were discovered on Pikris Gora (mountain) in the town of Mtskheta (the ancient capital of Georgia, located near Tbilisi) during construction works on private site in the territory of old graves, according to the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia.

By law, the construction works has been suspended and for the archaeologists began investigations who work on the Pikris Gora (mountain) since the end of July - when finds were discovered. In the study area they have discovered and studied early medieval burial, among them - five kinds of burials.

"In places of burials were found gold rings, hooks for clothes and a gold coin of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VIII (1025-1028), that confirms that the citizens of Mtskheta were buried in the burial ground of Pikris Gora (mountain) not only in the IV-VI centuries, but also in the Middle Ages "- is said on the official website of the department.

In addition to coins and gold ornaments were also found other items - fasteners, brooches, storage vessels and incense made from different materials rings and beads.

"On Pikris Gora (mountain) in Mtskheta were found family and individual graves, and the majority of the dead were buried according to Christian rules", - is said in the announcement. At the same time it is indicated that founded items during archaeological excavations are similar to those that have been found previously at different times in the examinations of other ancient burial places in Mtskheta.

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, together with the National Agency for Protection of Cultural Heritage of Georgia will consider that findings were given the status of "moving monuments".

"The public will see the new finds in Tbilisi in autumn of this year. Till the end of August it will be decided which of the museums will be present new materials. Then unique found items will be stored in the new Museum of Mtskheta", - said the ministry.

Georgian delegation is sent to the UN General Assembly

Today in New York for the UN General Assembly was sent a delegation of the Academy of Diplomacy and politics of Georgia.

UN Assembly is the biggest event of the year, which is held in the general headquarters and is presented delegations from all member countries of the UN.

In the General Assembly by a special invitation are attended by representatives of international organizations, politicians and academics who develop resolutions and major policies in various fields. The Georgian side the delegation includes officials from the public sector and representatives of the diplomatic corps.

In Georgia, the delegation consists of the Academy of Diplomacy and the policy of Georgia on the basis of the official exclusive rights of the United Nations.

By the statement of the founder of the Academy, Teona Lavrelashvili: "It is encouraging that the UN delegation will be attended by Georgia in a big staff that actively will participate in all sessions and meetings. We intend to emphasize the issue of Georgia's territorial integrity and to demonstrate once again the international partners that the integrity of Georgia is going vital for our generation".

Diplomatic mission in the United States will continue for 10 days, and delegation will be received in Washington, the White House and the State Department, where will be scheduled plans for future cooperation.

The Georgian government will promote the growth of confidence to the national currency

The Georgian government will promote the growth of confidence to the national currency and will ensure reduction of dollarization. This is stated in the governmental program "For a strong, democratic and united Georgia", which the Parliament of Georgia, together with a renewed staff of the government expressed a vote of confidence.

According to the program, the government will promote the existence of healthy competition among commercial banks; will be introduced deposit insurance system, which will be a reliable stimulation mechanism for the growth of deposits and savings.

In general, the monetary policy of the country will focus on the introduction of long-term targets: will be determined the main priorities of monetary and exchange rate policy, where the currency emission will correspond to the economic growth of the country.

With respect to the fiscal policy of the government document says that the state will ensure improvement of public finance management, the budget, on the one hand carry out priority areas for growth and social spending, and on the other hand help to stimulate the economy and at the same time to maintain fiscal stability of the country.

"Parallel with the increase of the expenditure part of the budget, in order to stimulate the economy may increase the fiscal deficit; although in the medium term will be saved its lowest index. In the medium and long term state will ensure the preservation of the basic macroeconomic and fiscal indicators in the indicators that will be possible to improve the assessment of rating agencies and the country will be attractive in terms of investment climate. It will be a guarantee of a stable development of the economy in the long term"- is said in a government program.

Also was promised to develop effective mechanisms for establishing budget priorities that will focus on the identification of the problems of society.

"Will be perfected composition methodology of the program budget, audit mechanisms in the management of public finances. In order to improve the budget process will be provided with effective mechanisms for the use of the findings and recommendations developed by the Service State Audit "- the document says.

From September in Georgia will be two parliamentary capitals

According to Kobakhidze parliamentary sessions will be held in the new building in Kutaisi, and offices and committee hearings - in old building in Tbilisi.

"The parliamentary session will be held in Kutaisi on Wednesday and Friday. As for the meetings of the bureau, committee hearings, and varieties of activities, including meetings with citizens - will be held in Tbilisi. Overall, the work and the life of the parliament will be in Tbilisi" - said Kobahidze.

Representatives of the parliamentary minority of "United National Movement", which, as in the past, that was ruling party achieved to move the parliament to Kutaisi, they believe that the separation of the two cities will lead to additional costs.

"The parliamentary majority has done everything possible that Kutaisi did not obtain of being parliamentary city. Up today, you can congratulate the members of the parliamentary majority - they will have two working cabinets, in western Georgia - Kutaisi, and in eastern Georgia – Tbilisi, said the representative of the United National Movement.

United States Embassy in Georgia temporarily suspended the issuance of visas

Georgia was affected by technical failures in its handling of American passports and visas, and therefore the process of issuing of these documents may be delayed indefinitely, as it was noted at the American Embassy in Georgia on Thursday, July 31st.

Bureau of Consular Affairs of the State Department earlier reported of a technical failure in the processing of passports and visas. And it was emphasized that this problem affects systems for processing documents in the world, and does not apply to any specific type of citizenship papers or certain types of visas.

According to the American diplomatic mission in Georgia, an applicant who had an interview at the American Embassy in Georgia after July 21, 2014, and who wish to take their passport without a visa of United States should contact the customer service representative at the phone number: 995 322 471 160 and / or write e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It is necessary to provide personal information (name, surname, first name and passport number).

Georgian citizens who have planned special trip to the United States also need to contact a customer service representative. In this case, in addition of providing personal data, it is necessary to describe the reasons for urgent request for a visa to USA.

"We draw your attention to the fact that only urgent humanitarian cases, which will be supported by relevant documents, will be considered" - say the embassy.

The American side apologizes for the inconvenience and delays in obtaining passports with visas of the United States and hopes that it will be able to solve this problem soon.

"Thank you for your patience and understanding of the situation ... We do our best to solve the problem and return your passport with the visa of the United States, as soon as we can complete the processing of passports", - noted in the embassy.

Georgia's transportation system will be brought in accordance with international standards

The Georgian government will improve the transport system, will bring transport infrastructure in accordance with international standards by promoting the development of logistics centers and multimodal and intermodal transport.

According to the program, in the field of civil aviation, the Georgian government will promote the policy of "open sky", and at the same time, will provide implementation agreement "On common airspace between Georgia and Euro integration, States and its members".

"This will provide in the field of civil aviation development at the European level of flight safety, aviation security, environmental protection, consumers' protection and other areas, as well as the integration of Georgian airspace in the unified European air space" –is said in the document.

The Georgian government will develop a small aircraft and transport infrastructure in mountainous regions, which will contribute to the economic development of these regions.

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