Baku and Tbilisi discussed issue of investment in the reconstruction of Georgia's highways

Baku and Tbilisi discussed issue …

Baku and Tbilisi discu...

Pentagon chief left Georgia

Pentagon chief left Georgia

Deputy Defense Ministe...

Georgian parliament begins debate of the draft bill "On the State Language"

Georgian parliament begins debate…

Parliament begins deba...

"Dnepravia" suspends flights from Kharkiv to Tbilisi and Batumi

"Dnepravia" suspends fl…

Airline "Dniproavia" f...

Georgian Orthodox Church celebrates the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Mariamoba

Georgian Orthodox Church celebrat…

Georgian Orthodox Chur...

The Georgian Foreign Ministry published a list of countries with which it will support the visa-free message

The Georgian Foreign Ministry pub…

The Georgian Foreign M...

Visa to Georgia will cost $ 50

Visa to Georgia will cost $ 50

From September 1, 2014...

Georgia does not acknowledge presidential elections in Abkhazia

Georgia does not acknowledge pres…

The Georgian Foreign M...

In Baku is discussed the construction of the railway Marabda-Kartsakhi

In Baku is discussed the construc…

The 20th meeting of th...

Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia will hold joint military exercises

Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia wi…

Azerbaijan, Turkey and...

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"Kazakhstan: Montage of Cinemas" - Film & Cultural Festival 2012 in Los Angeles Featured

Kazakhstan: Montage of Cinemas Kazakhstan: Montage of Cinemas Kazakhstan: Montage of Cinemas

Kazakhstan: Montage of Cinemas - Film & Cultural Festival is fueled with the passion of showcasing the imaginative cinematic art of a proud and creative nation.


The vision is to bring the two nations closer together through the language of cinema, music, and other forms of art. It is opening a world of opportunity for Kazakh film makers and expanding US film makers' location knowledge of Kazakhstan, "the land of many landscapes".

The festival is presented in association with the International Press Academy / Satellite Awards and the Kazakh Embassy.

The Festival will be Co-hosted by ARMAND ASSANTE.

A one-week celebration of Kazakh cinema and culture, including musicians, the festival is a stellar opportunity for directors, producers, location scouts, and the general public to get an understanding and appreciation of this exotic locale without leaving home. Among the opportunities is to learn the region through cinema, the Kazakhstan Geographic Society.

The 2012 festival has expanded by offering a cultural aspect and exhibits. The festival's unique emphasis will be placed on the following:
- 7 Nights of Cinema
- Kazakhstan Cultural Fair
- Kazakhstan's History in Film

Here is the 2012 Festival Schedule:
Friday - August 3, 2012
EXHIBITS: Ancient Kazakh Jewelry & Historic Cinema Posters
SCREENING: Dialogue from the Steppe
CONCERT: Inju Marjan* / Yerzhan Isin**
Saturday - August 4, 2012
SCREENING: A Country that has Chose Life
SCREENING: Letters to an Angel
Sunday - August 5, 2012
SCREENING: The Wolf on the Drum
SCREENING: Little Hunter
Monday - August 6, 2012
SCREENING: We Will See Tomorrow
SCREENING: Tale of the Pink Bunny
Tuesday - August 7, 2012
Wednesday - August 8, 2012
SCREENING: In Search of Tengry
Thursday - August 9, 2012
SCREENING: To the Pole in 108 Hours
SCREENING: The Promised Land

*The Instrumental and vocal trio "Inju Marjan" which means "New Born Pearl" was founded in November 2006. Inzhu play kyl-kobyz (an ancient shaman stringed instrument with horsehair instead of strings), and kobyz-prima (modern orchestral instrument, with metal strings). The musicians are winners of international competitions: Lyaylya Tazhibayeva (kobyz-prima, vocals, leader), Aigul Auzhanova (Kyl-kobyz), Laula Chenemisova (dombra).
Inju Marjan's repertoire includes works of Kazakh folk composers (Zhantore, Tattimbet), Kazakhstan composers (N.Tlendiev, E.Brusilovsky, E.Kusainov) as well as European classical composers (N. Paganini, JS Bach), works from the show "Riverdance" (Irish author's works).

**The trio has p Yerzhan Isin
The soloist-instrumentalist (dombra). Winner of international festivals. Winner of the first electro - acoustic dombra in Kazakhstan. The repertoire includes instrumentals by Kazakh folk composers such as Kurmangazy, Tattimbet, Turkesh, Deena Nurpeisova, Nurgisa Tlendiev. Yerzhan performes with in the famous orchestras of Kazakhstan: The Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments named after Kurmangazy; State Dance Ensemble "Saltanat", folklore-ethnographic ensemble "Sazgen." Performes in: Russia, Uzbekistan, China, Turkey, Poland, North Korea, France.erformed in Austria, China, South Korea, Italy, Germany, Japan, England, Romania.
Tickets cost $10 (including free parking), and can be purchased from the festival's website, "Kazakhstan: Montage of Cinemas" - Film & Cultural Festival 2012 will be held Aug. 3 - 9 at the Directors Guild of America on 7920 Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, Calif.

As well tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Get your tickets at the theater box office or you may request FREE Opening Night Tickets by emailing your name, organization (if any), and the number of tickets desired.
Press must apply for credentials and be issues an official press pass to access the event. You need to email your name, media outlet and contact information.

For further information go to the official web-site of the Festival:

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