Baku and Tbilisi discussed issue of investment in the reconstruction of Georgia's highways

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Pentagon chief left Georgia

Pentagon chief left Georgia

Deputy Defense Ministe...

Georgian parliament begins debate of the draft bill "On the State Language"

Georgian parliament begins debate…

Parliament begins deba...

"Dnepravia" suspends flights from Kharkiv to Tbilisi and Batumi

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Airline "Dniproavia" f...

Georgian Orthodox Church celebrates the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Mariamoba

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Georgian Orthodox Chur...

The Georgian Foreign Ministry published a list of countries with which it will support the visa-free message

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The Georgian Foreign M...

Visa to Georgia will cost $ 50

Visa to Georgia will cost $ 50

From September 1, 2014...

Georgia does not acknowledge presidential elections in Abkhazia

Georgia does not acknowledge pres…

The Georgian Foreign M...

In Baku is discussed the construction of the railway Marabda-Kartsakhi

In Baku is discussed the construc…

The 20th meeting of th...

Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia will hold joint military exercises

Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia wi…

Azerbaijan, Turkey and...

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Post Proxy Materials Online. Customize Compliance Solutions.

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The regulatory environment is evolving, with new standards, new rules and new requirements. PR Register’s Vintage Filings division helps filers stay ahead of the curve.


The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) established mandatory e-proxy rules effective January 1, 2009 with compliance through a "notice and access" model using the Internet. All filers, registered investment companies, issuers and other soliciting parties are required to post proxy materials on a Web site and provide shareholders with a notice of the availability of materials on the Internet.


The Vintage Filings Notice and Access Proxy Service for the "full set delivery" option offers your corporation the tools it needs to comply with SEC regulations efficiently and cost-effectively. Vintage Filings can also help you furnish paper copies of the proxy materials along with the notice.


Choose Customized solutions for Notice and Access compliance

PR Register's Vintage Filings division gives your organizations the opportunity to comply with requirements set forth by regulatory bodies while maintaining corporate branding in a professional online presence. Our customized Notice and Access Proxy Service solutions include:

Post Annual Reports/10Ks and proxy statements in both HTML and PDF format on an SEC-compliant Web site

Customize your Web site URL so analysts and investors can quickly find you (e.g.

Display your company logo on the site to maintain brand identity

Link your notice and access site to your company's home page so target audiences can read more about your company

Contact PR Register to learn more about our notice and access proxy services.

Streamline Investment Management. Navigate Regulatory Compliance.

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The investment management industry is changing. Financial services firms are tasked with managing public perception, educating investors, and executing a winning investment strategy. Meanwhile, this already highly-regulated industry is faced with increasingly complex compliance requirements.

Vintage Filings can relieve the burden of investment management filings and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) compliance mandates. Our team of experts has helped thousands of financial services firms navigate the intricacies of regulatory compliance.

Ensure a smooth and accurate filing process

Compliance with securities laws and regulations is more important than ever in an age of public scrutiny into stock markets and other investment vehicles. Whether you work with a mutual fund facing new prospectus and XBRL requirements or a hedge fund in need of Form SH filing in XML format, Vintage Filings can help your firm avoid regulatory actions with a seamless filing process.

Receive typesetting and printing support for end-to-end compliance

Maintaining a professional image means publishing filing documents in a professional format while complying with SEC regulations. Vintage Filings offers full-service typesetting, printing and fulfillment to investment management clients. We also offer precise backlinking and single-source capabilities for typeset prospectuses and reports.

File regulatory information efficiently and effectively

Mutual funds, investment management firms – and the law firms serving them – can file a variety of regulatory information efficiently and effectively with Vintage Filings, and deliver news simultaneously to critical audiences through PR Register. Consider our investment management filing services suite:

Summary prospectuses on new EDGAR form type 497K

13F filing for investment managers

Form SH conversion and filing for short sellers

Form N-PX proxy-record conversion and filing (with no charge for conversion of records already in EDGAR format)

XBRL planning for Risk/Return information required in 2011

Quick, accurate turnaround for EDGAR conversions, of every form type, in any required format (ASCII, HTML, XML, XBRL)

Dedicated team available 24/7, with no rush fees

Contact PR Register to learn more about our investment management services.

Precision Typesetting. Accurate Disclosure.

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Financial documents need to be flexible enough to meet both print and online requirements. Prospectuses, annual and semiannual reports and other time-sensitive financial documents must exist in a high-quality typeset medium for printing purposes – but the content also needs to be exported to HTML without losing its presentation in order to comply with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations.


PR Register's Vintage Filings Typesetting and Financial Printing services make your content available in both high-end typeset and SEC-ready HTML accurately and cost-effectively.

Intelligent typesetting streamlines document accuracy

Automated technology ensures strict adherence to document style

Export your press-quality documents to "Press Ready" PDF and SEC-ready HTML formats

Print time-sensitive financial documents with a high degree of accuracy

Intelligent typesetting streamlines financial reporting

The Vintage Filings Typesetting system incorporates “Intelligent Document Coding” that allows us to run processes automatically on books of any size. Vintage Filings can streamline your IPO documents, proxy statements, Offering Circulars and other financial reporting tasks in several ways:

Eliminate multiple master scenarios by maintaining content in our single source typesetting system

Benefit from single source publishing to PDF, HTML and other publishing formats

Switch any aspect of document style on the fly; update look and feel of your template in seconds

Make last minute edits to same-day filings without jeopardizing compliance

Ensure strict adherence to branding requirements and document design

Automated technology ensures precision typesetting

When financial documents span hundreds – or even thousands – of pages, ensuring accuracy without sacrificing speed is vital to your corporation's reputation. Vintage Filings' automation technology offers accurate proofs and revisions on your annual reports, Private Placement Memorandums and quarterly reports. Consider the time-saving benefits of Vintage Filings:

Avoid filing extension requests with Vintage technology that repaginates documents with thousands of pages in mere seconds

Automate updates of your Table of Contents, Indexed of Terms, Glossaries and internal page references by linking headings and keywords throughout an entire document and tracing their page locations to ensure consistency

Output partial proofs, such as Changed Pages Only, at no additional cost to shorten page turnaround time

Get automated draft-by-draft black-lining (change tracking) to show edit cycle revisions at a glance for a typographically superior product

Export your press-quality documents to digital formats

Although much of the reporting process is going online, there is still a need to print and deliver annual reports, IPO documents, corporate marketing materials and other financial documents. Vintage Filings offers print and delivery services ranging from full shareholder mailings to same-day delivery of courtesy copies to the SEC. Our digital capabilities streamline the process through:

Full commercial press quality Acrobat PDF creation of client documents

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) display allows typesetters to view fully-composed documents on-screen and catch mistakes before printing for final proof

Document export to several formats, including Adobe Acrobat PDF, Adobe PostScript, SEC-compliant HTML (EDGAR), and a Word processed format for ultimate flexibility

Print time-sensitive financial documents professionally

Communicating your unique value proposition is vital in today’s Financial Services industry. Vintage Filings’ financial printing expertise allows us to adapt to the demands of time-sensitive document production that exceeds industry standards on everything from a single-color prospectus to a four-color annual report.

Make changes instantly in complicated financial documents and simplify printing of complex financial tables in proxy statements, prospectuses, annual reports, and regulatory filings

Display a professional image with quality saddle stitching, perfect binding and die-cutting on printed documents. All materials are hand inspected before shipping

Save time and money with in-house mailing and fulfillment. Our mailing services reduce postage fees and shipping time and our fulfillment services offer attractive quantity pricing and fast turnaround

Store collateral elements, such as Annual Reports, Financial Surveys, Proxy Statements and brochures and have them assembled and shipped as needed

Contact PR Register to learn more about our printing and typesetting services.

Smart XML Tagging. Intelligent Investor Relations.

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The rules for filing financial disclosures are ever-changing. From the adoption of interactive data formats to the launch of new electronic data gathering methods, the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) continues to adapt to the Digital Age. These changes bring new challenges for public companies and the IROs and CFOs responsible for regulatory compliance.


Preparing public companies for new SEC rules

Vintage Filings, a division of PR Register, is committed to keeping your public company informed of SEC rule changes, helping you navigate the new world of compliance, and adopting new technologies to streamline compliance. The SEC's rule changes on interactive data include:

Public companies are required to submit financial disclosures formatted in tagged EXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) to IDEA (Interactive Data Electronic Applications), the SEC's next-generation EDGAR database, beginning mid-2009

Large accelerated filers using U.S. GAAP are subject to interactive data reporting in 2010 with all remaining operating companies following in 2011

Mutual funds are required to file the Risk/Return portions of prospectuses in XBRL in 2011

Vintage Filings can help your company prepare now, before the mandatory date, to ensure your first and subsequent live XBRL filings go smoothly. We partner with your internal financial executive to set up your tagging and review your taxomony to make sure it meets your reporting needs.


Streamline XBRL tagging for faster filings

XBRL streamlines communications with investors and regulatory filings. But in order to comply with the new global standard your documents need XML-tagging. Vintage Filings prepares your financial documents for reporting and sharing with the financial markets.

Leverage an XML-based tagging structure that creates an "intelligent" bundled description to make it easier for analysts and investors to use

Establish more efficient, effective dialogue with the markets

Alleviate the need for paper-based reports to avoid time-consuming and costly collation and information re-entry

Strict filing procedures ensure accurate regulatory compliance

XML-tagging eliminates manual data entry errors and saves time filing your final report. Vintage Filings implements a series of defined financial terms that helps your audiences access the most accurate information.

Increase accuracy with up-to-date and complete information providing access to investors, analysts, financial institutions and regulators

Handle data in different languages and accounting standards

Enable analysts to pull in reports through an Excel plug-in to expedite their analysis of as-reported data from multiple companies

Raise visibility among investors through cost-effective tagging

XML-tagging raises your visibility with investors because your financial disclosures are easier to search, extract and download from XBRL-enabled SEC filings. Vintage Filings offers cost-effective XBRL tagging that reduces research expenses for investment analysts.

Improve access to new sources of capital by offering more complete information to the investment community

Boost awareness of your company in the financial marketplace with more user-friendly financial documents

Reduce the cost of capital by remaining on the coverage list of investment analysts that are excluding hard-to-follow companies

Contact PR Register to learn more about our XBRL services.

Accurate Conversions. Timely Filings.

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Although the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR) system offers many benefits to investors, corporations and the economy, it also puts a burden on public companies to convert and submit financial disclosure documents in accepted formats on strict deadlines. PR Register's Vintage Filings division offers accurate conversions to HTML and ASCII and timely filings to streamline compliance.


Stream Your News. Webcast Your Events.

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Webcasting makes your calls and events available to anybody anywhere there is a PC and an Internet connection. Webcasting generates publicity, gives public companies a high-tech image, offers lead generation capabilities, and is less expensive than satellite broadcasting. Investor Relations professionals recognize the value of Webcasting for annual meetings and conferences, investor messages, earnings calls and other events that impact stakeholders.

PR Register's IR Webcasts extend the reach of your Investor Relations efforts while enhancing your public image. IR Webcasts offer quality control and there's no need for in-house expertise because they are produced by MultiVuTM, our broadcast and multimedia production company. Your executives focus on the message. PR Register focuses on the delivery.


Choose Webcasting to meet your specific disclosure needs

Not all Webcasts are created equal. PR Register's Earnings Call Webcasting service offers three options, from simple to sophisticated, to meet the expectations of investors, analysts, media and consumers interested in your financial news.

Get the word out with Audio Only Webcasts that invite your target audience to listen to a streaming audio file on their computer. Our package includes two hours of live audio to accommodate lengthy conference calls

Enhance your call with an Audio + Viewer-controlled Slideshow that allows listeners to access a visual presentation to compliment your earnings report

Guide your listeners with an Audio + Presenter-controlled Slideshow that helps you steer the direction of the call

Attract a larger audience with Eventcasting

You can put a face on your financials and increase investor confidence by Webcasting your next analyst day, shareholder meeting, product launch, plant tour, guidance call, CEO or executive presentation, analyst meeting, press conference or other event. MultiVu Eventcasting adds clarity and context to your story by broadcasting events online.

Access new markets more efficiently and increase the ROI of your event by streaming audio and video live or on-demand

Raise your profile among investors, media, consumers, or other target audiences

Select from a wide range of Webcast services, from a basic conference call audio Webcast to full production, multi-camera video Webcasts

Generate publicity – and leads – from your Investor Relations efforts

In order to maximize your Investor Relations budget you need to get the word out about your Webcast and follow up with attendees after the news breaks. PR Register offers an end-to-end strategy around IR Webcasts that offer value before, during and after the event.

Get two complimentary search engine optimized national Webcast notification releases for higher visibility and longer shelf life on leading search engines. Our distribution reaches 5,700+ media points, 5,000+ Web sites, PR Register for Journalists and the Thomson First Call Network

Capture registration information of Webcast attendees so you can follow up with additional news after the event

Set up an event page that includes photos, logos and hyperlinks to relevant materials

Go interactive with an E-Mail Question Manager that lets viewers send their questions to executives

Transform your quarterly conference call into a podcast to make your event "portable" for busy investors and analysts

Contact PR Register to learn more about our IR webcasting servcices.

SEC Compliance. Investor Reach.

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Investor Relations professionals have to do more than tell a good story to analysts and stakeholders. They also have to distribute timely information that keeps these audiences up to date on new products, services, mergers and acquisitions and other material news – and they have to comply with stringent regulations set forth by Congress, the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and other major exchanges.

PR Register discloses the material news for more than half of the public companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ Stock Market that use a Register to distribute their news. Full-text press releases are automatically transmitted to all the recommended disclosure media points with every U.S. distribution.


Comply with SEC requirements for disclosure of material news

PR Register makes it simple for public companies to comply with disclosure regulations while still maintaining open and transparent communication with key stakeholders. Through any of PR Register’s U.S. newslines, public companies can meet their disclosure requirements, and engage with investors, the media, customers and other influencers simultaneously.


Reach the investment community from end to end

Send your earnings reports and material news to brokerage houses, securities industry trade publications, financial databases, analysts, money managers, financial research services, individual investors and financial media through PR Register's Investor Research Wire (IRW). IRW delivers full-text press releases to the investment community in real-time. You'll reach virtually every institutional investor interested in U.S. markets and millions of private investors that trade U.S. stocks.

Keep institutional investor networks informed

Ensure your news is seen on the key networks delivering equity markets information to institutional investors, including Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Dow Jones, Sungard, Track Data and Traderforce.


Reach institutional analysts with material news

More than 50,000 institutional analysts at over 3,000 buy-side firms and more than 1,000 global brokerages rely upon the Thomson Reuters First Call network. PR Register-First Call Wire gives you access to this audience by commingling your news with other data on the most comprehensive global source for real-time, broker-sourced research, earnings estimates, financials and corporate releases.


Send your news to retail investor trading hubs

Retail investors often depend on websites such as Charles Schwab, E*TRADE, Fidelity, Merrill Lynch, Scottrade and Wachovia for news and information. IRW delivers your news to the retail stock trading sections of major stockbroker and bank Web sites so private investors can stay abreast of your company.


Distribute to corporate and financial research services

Corporations and financial researchers subscribe to online tools to conduct strategic and competitive research. IRW lets you send your news to industry leading databases like LexisNexis, Factiva, FactSet, Schaeffer's Investment Research, Zacks Investment Research and Morningstar.


Publish your release on leading financial news sites

With IRW, you don't have to rely on journalists and editors to pick up your story. Your distribution will be placed on leading financial news Web sites such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Financial Times, MarketWatch, CNBC and American Business Journals, a network of 42 market-specific business newspapers.

Giving small-cap/OTC newsmakers access to key audiences

Individual investors know that small-cap/OTC stocks offer an opportunity to beat institutional investors to attractive deals. PR Register's exclusive Investor Research Wire for Small-Cap/OTC knows how to reach those investors. Distribute your financial news on a wire designed exclusively for small cap and OTC stocks; see your content on Reuters Web, Reuters Plus, and several dozen Web sites that offer research to investors in small-cap and OTC companies; target investors specifically looking for information about emerging growth companies.


Target venture capitalists with time-sensitive news

Private companies looking for investment dollars need exposure to venture capitalists, and VCs need news on exciting new private company investment opportunities. PR Register's Venture Capital Circuit answers those needs. Tap into the power of a one-of-a-kind distribution service that puts your news in front of investors in various industries. You can target VCs interested in Technology, Financial Services, Healthcare & Biotechnology, Automotive, Energy, Oil & Utilities, Environmental, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Retail and Travel.


Contact PR Register for more information on our investor relations Disclosure Media.

Hosted Investor Relations Sites. Real-Time Investor Communications.

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Today's investors are more demanding than ever – and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires more transparency than ever. Public companies that consistently offer value-building information to shareholders, analysts and investment management firms differentiate their brand in a competitive marketplace.


The SEC has embraced the Internet as a primary means of investor communication. PR Register's Web site creation and hosting tool, IR Room, helps your company organize critical information for investors, analysts and media while maximizing your online presence. Our social media tools extend the reach of your message and Google Search integration ensures your customized IR Room is indexed so your target audiences can find your information quickly. IR Room is the place where your corporate information lives online.


Keep investor pages up to date with real-time information

Investors, analysts and media want information about stock prices, corporate earnings and other material news as it breaks. PR Register's press release distribution services and IR Room work together to help Investor Relations professionals comply with SEC regulations for transparent communications.

Send real-time notifications via e-mail and RSS feeds to keep your target audience informed

See your press release automatically post in your IR Room when you distribute over PR Register's newslines

Give your target audience quick access to archives of your annual reports, SEC filings, financial information and Webcasts in one easy-to-access location

Help target audiences find your content in all major search engines with Search Engine Optimization tools included in IR Room



Make content updates quickly and easily with content management tools

Investor Relations professionals want complete control over investor relations Web pages, including the ability to create, upload and change content easily from anywhere with Internet access. IR Room makes it easy for IR professionals to update content on the fly.

Gain control over your content with on-demand Content Management tools that make uploading content as easy as creating a Microsoft Word document

Avoid wasted time waiting for internal IT teams to help with content updates so you can get your news and information to investors more quickly

Upload text, images, audio, video – and anything else you need to share with your stakeholders – on your time frame

Choose an IR Room maintenance package and let our staff handle your updates for you so you can stay focused on other deadlines

Communicate with stakeholders through interactive features

Beyond posting press releases and other multimedia content, Investor Relations professionals need a vehicle to quickly communicate upcoming events and other information. IR Room offers a communications platform that's user-friendly for your target audience.

Post stock quotes that keep your audiences up to date on your stock's movement

Publish investor alerts that keep visitors informed about upcoming conference calls and other events on an interactive event calendar

Set up forms that allow visitors to request company information

Comply with stringent government regulations

Congress and the SEC have set forth strict regulations for public companies. IR Room's interactive features help public companies meet Sarbanes-Oxley requirements without having to support a separate corporate governance Web site.

Achieve transparency about directors, insider transactions and more. With IR Room's Dynamic Committee Tool, investors know they can rely on your posted information

Tap into financial reporting tools such as price data, interactive price and volume charting, fundamental statement reporting, historical price research tools and SEC filings

Retain, and track, traffic to your site with flexible layout options and seamless integration with your corporate Web site

Contact PR Register for more information on our investor relations Web site hosting tools.

IR Room Frequently Asked Questions

Meet SEC Regulations. Improve Shareholder Communications.

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Investor Relations Officers (IROs) are challenged to communicate and engage with stakeholders while meeting regulatory requirements. PR Register helps IROs meet that challenge with a suite of disclosure and communications tools, including distribution to disclosure media and financial portals, IR Web sites and Webcasting services. And our Vintage Filings division, one of the most active U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) filing and financial print providers in the United States, helps these same companies comply with federal regulations.

PR Register facilitates the disclosure of material news for public companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ Stock Market. We are the preferred disclosure provider for thousands of listed companies, and PR Register is the only Register that can simultaneously disclose news releases in the U.S. and Canada, through CNW Group.

PR Register is also a recognized disclosure vehicle in the United Kingdom, and provides news distribution services for companies throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. PR Register plays a critical role in educating the corporate, investor and regulatory communities around the world on issues of disclosure and transparency.


Vintage Filings - Comprehensive Service. Trusted Resource.

Speedy execution. Accurate service. Reliable turnaround. Chief Financial Officers and  Investor Relations Officers charged with complying with rules and regulations from the SEC and Congress need a filing service with industry expertise and client assistance that gives them peace of mind. PR Register’s Vintage Filings division is that service for more than 4,000 public companies.

CFOs, investment management firms, and other filers are turning to us for EDGAR Filing Services, XBRL Services, Notice & Access Proxy Services, Investment Management Services and Typesetting & Financial Printing.

PR Register's Vintage Filings is the fastest-growing EDGAR Filing Agent and financial printing firm in the nation. We have set the industry standard for speed, reliability and pricing.